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General Support Terms

EVA Hotel Receptionist


In this Policy “We”, “Us”, “Our” or “DIGI Consulting” means DIGI Consulting Limited. registered in England, with a registered office at 21 Regis Place, 10 Llanvanor Road, London, NW2 2AP, United Kingdom and with company number 10749352. Our official website is www.digieva.net .

We clearly understand the importance of the Support we provide for you. That is why we have established strict Support. The present document (“Support terms”) provides the terms and conditions under which you can use our Support. By subscribing to, by ordering or by using our Support, you accept and agree to our Support Terms. The Support plan included into your Subscription (if any) will be clearly defined in your Agreement. Present Support terms are integral part of our General terms and conditions for end-users (“General terms”). All common definitions used in the present Support terms are defined and described in the General terms. Please note that our Support Terms apply only to the User support provided by us. Different support terms may apply to the User support, provided by our Agents. In such case, the respective Agent will make them available to you.

Support definitions

“Application support”. EVA Hotel Receptionist Software will use commercially reasonable efforts to make our Software available with a Monthly Uptime Percentage (defined below) of at least 99.9% (the “Service Commitment”), in each case during any monthly billing cycle.

“Unavailable” and “Unavailability” mean: when all running instances of our Software, running on the same server where your account instance is hosted, have no external connectivity, or when a software defect is causing complete or significant interruptions of the operations or the availability of our software. Unavailability will also be any period between the time of registration and the time of resolution of any Critical Software Defects. The definition of Critical Software Defects and the procedure for their resolution is stipulated bellow.

  • “Critical Software Defect”, or simply “Defects” will be any software bug, (i.e. behaviour of the Software different from the planned as per the system design, that causes complete interruption or significant disturbance of the entire Software or of Software feature that directly impacts your capacity to accept bookings, register charges or register payments with the GUI of our software, to which we have been unable to provide a workaround. Under no circumstances, Critical Software Defects will be:


  • Error messages, interruptions, significant disturbance or malfunctions, returned by or caused by OTAs or other distribution channels, connected to the integrated channel manager;
  • Error messages, interruptions, significant disturbance or malfunctions, returned or caused by the operations or outage of third-party systems, such as but not limited to payment processing gateways, channel managers, door lock devices, or other interfaced systems;
  • Error messages, interruptions, significant disturbance or malfunctions, returned or caused by any 3rd party software or by our API;
  • Error messages, interruptions, significant disturbance or malfunctions, caused by wrong system settings, login, usage of incompatible technical means or methods.

“User support” is the Support we provide to you, your employees or subcontractors based on support enquiries, initiated by you or initiated by us as an attempt to prevent or resolve unreported by your issues related with the normal, legal or permitted use of our Software. This includes but is not limited to assisting you to configure or re-configure our Software for your needs; training on how to use our software; activation, deactivation or re-activation of Software features or interfaces including liaising or coordinating with third party providers; analysis of data or reports, processed or stored in your account; liaising with third parties to identify issues with your online distribution; handling alerts and enquiries related with data privacy, credit card and payment security, tax fraud prevention or any other such requested by you, by an authorised government, credit or other institution or entity. However, User support excludes all Developers’ services.

“Support Enquiry” means each and all instances of providing User support to you. You will be able to submit new Support enquiries via email or the completion of a Customer Support form available on the platform.

“Reaction time” will be the time between the moment when you submit your enquiry and the moment when we initiate its resolution. “Resolution time” will be the time between the moment when you submit your enquiry and the moment when that an enquiry is closed. We do not undertake any commitment towards the Resolution time.

“Developers’ Services” means services provided by DIGI Consulting’s software developers (including but not limited to development, testing and deployment of custom data exports, retrieval of data from archives, scripts or new interfaces enabling integrations with third parties or consulting of your staff or third-party developers to use our API) and not included in the User support.

“Second level support” is the support services that we provide to our Sales agents or Resellers. If you are a Sales agent or a Reseller, same terms apply to you when we provide you with our Services. Your own support terms and conditions apply to the services provided by you to the End-users.

Issues We Cover

We cover the and are responsible to resolve the following performance issues:

  • that result from a suspension of a Software feature, for which you have been notified in advance;
  • caused by factors outside of our reasonable control, including any force majeure event or Internet access or related problems beyond our control;
  • that result from any actions or inactions of you or any third party, including DoS hacker attacks;
  • that result from your equipment, software, connectivity or other technology and/or third-party equipment, software or other technology (other than third party equipment within our direct control);
  • that result from any maintenance or scheduled system updates as provided for pursuant to your Agreement;
  • wrong login or API usage; or (vii) arising from our suspension and termination of your right to use our software and services in accordance with your Agreement.

Unavailability and Resolution Notifications

We will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you as early as it is possible, after the moment when we become aware of each case of Unavailability. To do so, we will publish such notifications at any or all the following media: our website, our Support system, in-app message in our Software, email to the registered support users. We will publish similar notifications upon resolving the case of Unavailability.

Critical Software Defects reporting, registration and resolution

The procedure for reporting, registering and resolving of the Critical Software Defects is stipulated bellow: You will report any case of a suspected Critical Software Defect (“Defect Report”) by email or via the form on the platform, including as much as possible evidence of the defective behaviour and its implications. In some cases, our software will issue automated notifications to our support and development specialists for Critical Software Defects, for which we will notify you with a written notification as soon as possible. The moment of Reporting of the Defect will be: the moment of registering of your report in our support system – or – the moment of issuing a written notification to you in case of a Defect for which we have been notified automatically. In your report in our support system you will clearly state using the relevant categories that you are reporting a suspected Defect, or otherwise we may apply the standard reaction times under your acting support agreement without any right for compensation for you.

We will review all such reports as soon as possible. We will be entitled to and may request additional evidence or assistance from your staff in order to clarify the suspected defective behaviour of the system or the results of it. We will attempt to propose a temporary workaround if such is possible until we manage to resolve the issue. If our analysis confirms the reported implications are a Critical Software Defect, will issue a written notification which will be the moment of Registration of the Defect. We will opt to Register or overrule any Defect Report within 1 working hour from the moment of reporting, however in case more than 30% of your Defect reports over the last 12 months have not consequently been registered as Defects, we will be entitled to review your Defect Reports within the standard reaction time under your acting support agreement without any penalty or compensation. We will attempt to remedy any Registered Critical Software Defect within the shortest possible term. As soon as we manage to resolve it, we will send a written notification to you and that will be considered the moment of Resolution of the Critical Software Defect.

How to report your Service enquiries

You should report all your Support enquiries by sending us an email or completing the Customer Service form available on the software platform. We understand how important it is that we service well all your Support enquiries. Given the large volume of incoming Support enquiries we want to make sure we do not miss any of your Support enquiries or we do not notice your Support enquiries late to meet the Reaction times we have undertaken in our Agreement with you. For that reason, no Support issues will be deemed reported to us if you have not submitted an email, completed the form or otherwise made us, one of our employees, representatives or affiliates aware of it. All consecutive actions including the commencing of the Reaction times start from the moment of opening your enquiry in our Support system.

Can you report your enquiries directly to us if you hold a support agreement with our Sales agent or Reseller?

If you do not hold a Support Agreement with us, but with one of our Sales agents or Resellers, you will need to report your Support enquiries to them. Of course, we will provide our Sales agent and Resellers with proper Second level support so that they can always provide the relevant service to you. You can always share with us your feedback about the Services provided by them, so that we can work with them to improve the value of our Software for you. If you hold a Support Agreement with us, but would like the Sales agent or Reseller to assist you with the submission, to review the proposed resolutions or to submit enquiries and take actions on your behalf, you should register that Agent or Reseller as a Support user, so that they can take all actions and to undertake all obligations on your behalf like any of the in-house Support users.

When will we begin working on your enquiry (Reaction times)?

We always attempt to commence and accomplish our work on your enquiry as fast as possible. However, sometimes we receive a significant volume of new enquiries from our customers and are unable to process all of them instantly. For that reason, we line all incoming enquiries in a queue and then prioritize them, based on the severity and their potential impact over requester’s business. We undertake to initiate our work on your enquiry within the committed Reaction time following its submission.

How will we resolve your Support enquiry?

We will always attempt to use the most efficient way to resolve your Service enquiries. That may include a combination of actions such as data analysis, email or other written instructions, references to existing support articles, remote access sessions, online screen sharing and/or video sessions, phone calls or other. We would like to assure you that you will always be serviced in the most efficient way, by the most experienced specialists. That is why we and our Sales Agents may substitute each other in execution of certain Support services. You agree that we are entitled to do such transfers without further notification or approval by you.

How do you track the progress and the history of your Support enquiry?

Our support agents register all completed activities on resolving your enquiries in writing. You will be receiving electronic messages to the registered email address of the relevant Support for the important updates on your enquiry. Once you register your enquiry, you don’t he to remind us about it. Rest assured we track each reported enquiry until it is closed.

How long will it take us to resolve your Support enquiry?

We always try to resolve your enquiry in the shortest optimal term according to its complexity. Usually, we can’t tell in advance how much time we will need to spend working on your enquiry due to the complex nature of the Support enquiries or the dependence of our actions on external factors beyond our control.

Can we help you with an issue with my hardware, internet, system administration or 3rd party systems?

Our support agents won’t be able to assist you with issues, related with any 3rd party software or systems.

How does the implementation of our Software take place?

We have developed a precise implementation sequence that elaborates the necessary steps that need to be performed in order to achieve a successful implementation and transition to production of our Software. The available standard Implementation Assistance Plans, with precise descriptions of tasks, responsibilities and estimated average duration of each step will be stipulated in your Agreement. Please mind, that our Sales agents may be providing a different implementation assistance Services.

What if you like us to visit your premises for implementation?

Visits to your premises in relation with providing User support will be subject to separate terms and conditions, which will be agreed in advance for each such visit.