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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should we hire EVA?

EVA will improve your guest experience and increase your online sales.

Can EVA substitute our reception and sales staff?

EVA will support your reception staff by taking over all boring admin responsibilities from them allowing them to concentrate on the most important thing – exceptional guest service.

Why is EVA good for our hotel?

EVA combines latest hotel technologies and helps hoteliers overcome major problems.

Can EVA bring us extra revenue?

Yes, EVA can boost up your online sales.

Can EVA attract a new breed of guests?

Yes, EVA will attract the modern technology loving guests.

What can EVA do for us?

EVA can perform all reception and sales-related tasks.

Hiring EVA

How long does it take for EVA to start working for me?

Usually it takes up to 5 working days after the formal agreements are signed and the first monthly payment is received.

How much does it cost to hire EVA?

On our website you will find a pricing calculator which will give you an estimate based on your locations. Our sales team would also be happy to assist and produce a quote for you.

Is there a set-up fee?

Yes, there is a one-off set-up fee based on the number of rooms and beds in your hotel.

What happens if we add more rooms to our hotel?

In case you need to expand your hotel and add more rooms we will let you know whether your monthly fee will be increased or it will remain the same.

Do we need to sign a contract?

Our pricing plan is based on a monthly subscription fee and the contract can be terminated any time with a one-month notice period.

Can we upgrade from a monthly to an yearly contract?

Yes, you can upgrade to an yearly contract. In fact if you sign a longer contract for a minimum of one year we will be able to offer a discount.

Who will help us train EVA and add our hotel information and pricing to the platform?

Our support team will do all the initial filling as a part of the set-up process.

Will someone train our team how to operate with EVA?

Yes, we will provide full training.

What devices can EVA be accessed through?

Any smart phone, tablet, computer or smart TV with an internet connection and browser.

Where is EVA's workplace?

EVA’s desk is your website.

Features & Functions

How can EVA help our hotel and reception operations?

EVA possesses a wide range of skills and abilities. She is specially trained based on every hotel’s individual needs, products and services.

Do we need to pay commissions for sales going through EVA?

No, you do not pay any commissions for sales generated by EVA.

Can EVA be integrated with our channel manager and hotel software?

Yes, EVA can be easily integrated with any hotel technology and system (subject to providing us with their APIs).

How do we identify the functions that best suit our needs?

Our support team will help you take advantage of EVA in the best possible way.

Will we get all product updates free of charge?

Yes, you will. All upgraded and new functions and innovations of EVA are included in your package.

How many languages does EVA speak?

Currently EVA speaks 6 languages but we are constantly adding new ones.

Do we need to have a booking engine?

No, EVA has her own booking engine but if you already have one it can be easily integrated (subject to providing us with its API).

How is EVA controlled?

Through a user-friendly control panel allowing you at any time to update hotel information, pricing and policies.

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